Melissa Combs

Melissa has been a Hoosier living in America's heartland her whole life. She treasures every second spent with her kids, and often uses her family as an inspiration for her stories.

Storytelling has always been a part of her internal makeup. Since she was a little blind girl, Melissa always wanted to write and would constantly weave stories in her head. The stories were fed by fables of magical realism, myths, and folklore. She spent a good part of her teenage years daydreaming about "what ifs" and forming characters in her mind.

Eventually, Melissa stopped just listening to the characters grumbling in her head and started putting their adventures to paper. She has been seriously writing since 2001. Her first love will always be historical romance, but that's not what she usually finds herself writing. Her first story was a children's tale. Shortly after, she began writing contemporary and paranormal romance.

Melissa has also published her works as Melissa Lopez and collaborated under Melany Logen and Marissa Alwin pen names.

She has a BA in general studies with certifications in English, science, and history, and is working towards a dual MA in English and creative writing. She has been interested in the human psyche and paranormal activities since she gained eye-sight at the age of twenty-two.