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Dark Chance

Dark Chance by Melissa Combs

Netherworld 2

Do you believe in chance?

Olivia Sutcliff is a lost soul who has endured the tortures of Netherworld for more than a hundred years. But now she's given one chance to get out—by completing a task set by the Dark Prince himself. She must use her sexual wiles to help damn an innocent man, and failure means a fate worse than hell.

FBI special agent Malin Cross has devoted every waking moment to catching the killer who haunts his nightmares. Until he meets the woman of his dreams. She's a perfect submissive, one who anticipates his every fantasy. But she also asks too many questions, leaving Malin to wonder if she's as innocent as she seems, or if she's bait to lure him into the killer's web.

As Olivia entices Malin deeper into a world that wants him destroyed, her reluctance to deceive him grows into a desire to save him from making a damning mistake.

But as the forces of light and dark collide, their lives—and their souls—hang on the one sacrifice that could destroy them both.

Published: March 1, 2022
Genre: Dark supernatural romance, paranormal romance
Content warning: This story contains disturbing situations, bad language, sex, and graphic violence. Netherworld is a scary place.
Originally published with Samhain Publishing in 2008.

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Dark Savior

Dark Savior by Melissa Combs

Netherworld 3

He's a condemned soul she can't resist...

Day after day, Deke Mackenzie has been forced by his Netherworld masters to explore the most intimate details of Rhonda Lee's life and fantasies. Now he's been ordered to claim her body and steal her soul.

She's a courageous mortal he wants for himself...

Rhonda Lee thinks she's losing her mind. After months of being terrorized by her dreams, they take an unexpected turn as she meets a warrior worth saving.

Soon she makes him question his destiny—and his heart. Saving her life and soul wasn't in his plans. Nor were the overwhelming feelings she awakens in him. Their chemistry is combustive and completely against the wishes of Netherworld's powers-that-be.

Will Deke be her damnation, or will Rhonda save him from his?

Published: May 3, 2022
Genre: Dark supernatural romance, paranormal romance
Content warning: This story contains disturbing situations, bad language, sex, and graphic violence. Netherworld is a scary place.
Originally published with Loose Id in 2013 and independently in 2017 as Forbidden Savior.

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Captain by Melissa Combs

Enforcers & Shields of Intelligence 2

Dr. Faye Moore has been working for this day for what seems like a lifetime—when her high-tech, deep-sea submersible undergoes testing outside the lab. With any luck, she'll soon be exploring the bottom of the Mariana Trench, deeper and for longer than any human has ever dared.

Distractions aren't on her strict schedule, but the handsome, brooding ship's captain hired to transport her baby to the western Pacific is more than a blip on her internal radar.

With one eye on the worsening weather, and the other on the horizon watching for spy ships, Joseph Hutchinson doesn't—or shouldn't—have an eye left to linger on the beautiful scientist. His undercover assignment is to protect her game-changing technology from foreign theft, nothing more. But their sizzling attraction is off the charts.

When vicious pirates attack, Hutch and Faye are in the fight of their lives. Between the devil and the deep blue sea, will they become more than ships that pass in the night?

Release Date: TBA
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Part of Susan Stoker's Special Forces: Operation Alpha world.

Dare It All

Dare It All by Melissa Combs

Birthright 1

Defensive end Faust "The Splat" D'Aquila is worried that bad press due to a murder in his family will bench his new pro career with the Miami Caimans. He's so upset, in fact, that when he spots a beautiful young woman who'd make the perfect stress reliever, he almost doesn't make a play for her.

College student Jalissa Sohn needs to keep her grandmother to whom she owes everything from becoming homeless. So she's more than tempted when her fantasy man walks in and offers to huddle up and find a fix for all her problems.

Unfortunately, nothing is ever as simple as it seems.

When Faust's meddling, dysfunctional family sets their sights on Jalissa, his well-intentioned interception might end up doing more harm than good. As their playful fling spirals, Faust and Jalissa have to figure out if they're in it for the whole game, or just a quick time out.

Now or Never

Now or Never by Melissa Combs

Office Pool 1

Secretary Robin McCord is ready for romance. She's ready for involvement, commitment, and especially monogamy. She wants a man who's going places, financially stable, and won't pressure her for sex. She's so over all the different ways she's tried to meet a man: online dating, speed dating, blind dating, double dating, and especially casual dating. She's done with all the swings and misses.

Over after-dinner cocktails, her work besties offer up a challenge. Why not mix business with pleasure? They pick a prospective lover for her from the office pool who looks like he's got everything she wants. Twist is, she's somehow got to get him to ask her out instead of doing the pursuing.

Game designer Maxwell Stanton has been lusting after Robin from the first time he saw her at work. If living in the Big Apple has taught him anything, it's to guard his heart from pretentious women. Robin has a reputation as the Ice Queen and comes across just like all those who proved to him that women put on false fronts and will break your heart if you let them.

When Robin finally opens up to his pursuit, he's intrigued but wary. Their mutual attraction is strong, but can they let go of past dissappointments long enough to figure out if it's more than just physical?

With a little help from her friends, Robin might just get her man.

Your Everything

Your Everything by Melissa Combs

Office Pool 2

Secretary Brianna Hunt isn't ready for romance or for a relationship. And she's most definitely not ready for any private adult playtime. She has work she loves, a pet turtle, and friends she can count on. Who could ask for anything more?

Security guard Darren Smith is recovering from more than just war scars, but can't help being drawn to the lovely woman who walks past his desk every day. He can spot another wounded soul and sees it in Brianna. He knows she's not ready, but if there's one thing the Marines taught him, it's patience.

Brianna's friends decide it's in her best interest if they do some match making. Without their help, they're sure she'll never let Darren close to her, even if she can't take her eyes off him. So, it's not pure happenstance when Darren and Brianna's names are drawn from the office pool lottery and they win a holiday in Hawaii. Together.

In the end, it'll all come down to a vacation and a challenge. Can two battered hearts come together to heal the past and create a future?

First Choice

First Choice by Melissa Combs

Office Pool 3

(cover and blurb coming soon)